A failed experiment

Back in June, I uploaded In the Shadow of Angels to Smashwords. When I did so, I wrote a bit about why I made that decision, but it basically came down to two things: 1)Smashwords is much more indie author friendly than Amazon and 2)Smashwords’ interface is significantly easier than Amazon’s when it comes to finding a specific genre of book that is the length and price you are looking for. I still absolutely stand by those two assessments.

Having said that, I have since made the decision to remove my books from Smashwords. Continue reading A failed experiment

Good Intentions is now available for preorder

Good Intentions is now available for preorder on Amazon. Part One of Brian’s Secret, Good Intentions tells the story of Brian’s relationship with a young woman named Cassie. Unfortunately for me, the cover synopsis is still in production and my simple description does it very little justice. Why not take a shot and order it anyway?

I have received several pre-sale reviews of the book (two five stars and one four star) which were very flattering, but contained little substance. Continue reading Good Intentions is now available for preorder