Perfect Sex

After reading the heady The Rules of Dreaming, I was looking for something a bit lighter to cleanse my palette. I found that book in Perfect Sex by Robin Storey, which I rated five stars on Reader’s Favorite.

While I’m sure this book was written for a very female market, I was intrigued enough by the cover blurb to give it a go and I’m very glad I did. Storey has a way with words and worked some of the best one-liners and turns of phrase I’ve ever seen into this book. My favorite single line is this one from early on: ‘If that profile puts me on a level playing field, then I’m lying at the goalpost with my legs open yelling, “come on fellas, score a goal!”’

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Book Review: Three Men on Tour

Book Review: Three Men on Tour by Richard Mapes ★★★★★

Three Men on Tour is a lighthearted novella about one man’s decision to outright avoid making a decision about whether or not to marry his girlfriend. It was well-written, so much so that it was only after I’d finished reading it that I realized I had just read what was basically a romantic comedy -though much heavier on the comedy than the romance. The humor is mostly dry, as British humor tends to be, but quite entertaining. At under 30,000 words, this one is a rather quick read, but well worth the time. This story also bears the distinction of having the shortest note to the author I have yet written for a Reader’s Favorite review. The only notes were that it needed a proofread to catch a couple of typos and I felt that one of the characters was kind of left hanging -both very minor points. Continue reading Book Review: Three Men on Tour

Book Review: Celluloid

Book Review: Celluloid by Holly Curtis ★★★★☆

I’ve been fortunate in my recent book choices on Reader’s Favorite. The last few that I have made it through have all been good (which is not to say I’ve made it through all the ones I started because some haven’t been even good enough to finish, but that’s neither here nor there).

Celluloid was a delightful surprise. When I chose this one to review, it had been collecting virtual dust on the reviews list for a while. I oftentimes chose books that have been there for a while because, as an indie author myself, I know that any feedback is helpful feedback and I hate to see them make it through without getting reviewed.

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Book Review: Black Plastic by Ryan Kirtz

Black Plastic by Ryan Kirtz was an … interesting book. When I began to read it, I thought it was certainly going to be a single star (and thus not reviewed publicly). However, as I read, I found it funny enough to keep turning the pages. Kirtz dances the line of comic genius and idiot very well. Just when I would think I had figured out which he was, the events would make me question my decision. I mulled over how to rate it for a couple of days before deciding to rate it ★★★★☆ but with the caveat that it only earned those four stars for a very narrow audience. Did you like Airplane!? If so, this book might be for you. Continue reading Book Review: Black Plastic by Ryan Kirtz

Book Review: Karma for Hire by Hennessee Andrews

Karma for Hire by Hennessee Andrews was another great find on Reader’s Favorite. This one is listed in humor, but also tells a love story (two actually) while the fate of humankind hangs in the balance.

What I didn’t know before I read it is that Hennessee Andrews is a rather prolific writer of erotica. I began to suspect that was the case during the first ‘love scene’ in the story. While the love scenes in this one don’t go so far as to be erotica, her vivid descriptions of actions that most authors would skim over made it fairly clear. Continue reading Book Review: Karma for Hire by Hennessee Andrews

Book Review: Magic Times by Harvey Click

Magic Times was a wonderful find on Reader’s Favorite. It doesn’t fit neatly into any genre, but it has elements of humor and fantasy with just a dash of the occult. The following is my official review from Reader’s Favorite:

“Magic Times is the story of a young man named Jason chasing his chubby girlfriend, Holly, from a small town to the big city. Continue reading Book Review: Magic Times by Harvey Click

Book Review: Twin Powers – David Pereda ★★★★★

Twin Powers begins with Stephanie Peters being abducted from the street in Cuba. A furious dictator enlists the aid of a mercenary, the notorious Marcela, to track down those responsible – and save face for Cuba. Marcela recruits Stephanie’s father, doctor and polyglot Raymond Peters, to help in the search. With the aid of a special power shared between Stephanie and her twin sister, Sophia, Marcela and Raymond set out on a frantic, globe-trotting pursuit of a revenge-fueled man known simply as Mohamed. Continue reading Book Review: Twin Powers – David Pereda ★★★★★