Book Review: Magic Times by Harvey Click

Magic Times was a wonderful find on Reader’s Favorite. It doesn’t fit neatly into any genre, but it has elements of humor and fantasy with just a dash of the occult. The following is my official review from Reader’s Favorite:

“Magic Times is the story of a young man named Jason chasing his chubby girlfriend, Holly, from a small town to the big city. Continue reading Book Review: Magic Times by Harvey Click

The Telephone

Against my better judgement, I’ve published The Telephone on Smashwords. I’m not publishing it on Amazon because they don’t allow for free distribution, and this isn’t the type of thing I would be comfortable charging anyone for. It’s a simple story that’s only about 3,300 words. I wrote the story partially for my own amusement, but really it was more about working with my image editing software to see if I could create a compelling cover. Continue reading The Telephone

In the Shadow of Angels is now available on audible

The review process is finally complete and the audio version of In the Shadow of Angels is now available on, and It should be available on iTunes within a day or two.

Don’t have an audible account? If you register for a new account, you can get your copy for free. Details of the offer are available on the website.

I also have a number of free review copies to give away. I’ll be looking for individuals who have submitted reviews for other audible titles. Would you like a free copy in exchange for a review? contact me. Please include a link to your current reviews on to be considered. I have a limited number of copies, so act fast!