New cover art for Good Intentions

I finally got around to updating the cover art for Good Intentions. If you happened to get a copy of the book with the old art, who knows, maybe one day it will be worth something. The new cover fits the tone and story a lot better (though the artist took a bit of liberty with it; it’s not nearly this thick in person):


Get Good Intentions on Kindle for 99¢

For a limited time only, grab your copy of Good Intentions on Kindle for 99¢.

While in Portland for business, Brian meets Cassie outside the airport -scared, hurt and alone. He feels compelled to help her -a decision which will test his character, values and morals. He soon finds it’s true what they say about Good Intentions.

It hasn’t yet received many reviews, but Carol, from Reader’s Favorite, says it’s, “A sometimes sad, sometimes scary story…leaving you breathless and captivated until the last moments of the tale. An engrossing read!” Isn’t it worth 99¢ to see if Carol is right?

Excerpt from an email with a friend

I haven’t posted anything here for a while and I really should have. Good Intentions released on Audible last week and I didn’t properly promote or advertise it. You can also pick up In the Shadow of Angels on Audible, and, of course, both are also available on Amazon. Don’t want to spend any money? Contact me and maybe I’ll throw you one for free.

That’s the end of my shameless promotion. That is, in a nutshell, my problem with this whole writing thing. I enjoy writing, but I’ve found that I loathe the amount of promotion necessary to generate any sales. I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to change that about myself. I’ve never been the type to jump up and yell, “Look at me!” I had always hoped that the first person who read the story would do that for me, but if it was that easy, everyone would be a successful writer.

In a recent email exchange with an online friend (whom I first met when he filled out my contact form. Try it out, I answer them all), my response to one of his questions perfectly captured my current state of mind about the whole writing as a career thing: Continue reading Excerpt from an email with a friend

Goodreads Giveaway: Good Intentions

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Good Intentions by Donnie J. Burgess

Good Intentions

by Donnie J. Burgess

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Don’t want to wait to read it? You can always buy a copy on Amazon while you wait!

I’ve set up the very first Goodreads giveaway for Good Intentions. I’m limiting this one to three copies (of the twenty first edition copies I had printed). If you aren’t one of the ten or so people already in possession of one, click the shiny button below to enter the contest! In the exceedingly unlikely event that this series takes off like Fifty Shades of Grey , you’ll sure wish you’d taken a shot at winning an autographed, first edition.

In the much more likely even that the series doesn’t take off, I’ve also made the book to the precise specifications necessary to balance that wobbly table leg you always seem to get at iHop. This increases the value of this freebie tremendously!

Not a fan of reading or books in general? No problem. My writing has proven to have cross-species appeal. Our puppy, Baxter, was particularly fond of In the Shadow of Angels. He said it was the best book he ever ate!
Exceedingly unlikely chance to become a priceless heirloom? Check.
Indispensable furniture leveling device? Check.
Delicious with a bottle of Chianti and some fava beans? Check.
Envelope or contents could potentially contain usable DNA evidence for that paternity test I’ve been dodging? Check.
Entering for a chance to win takes far less time than it took to read this? Check.

Good Intentions is now available for preorder

Good Intentions is now available for preorder on Amazon. Part One of Brian’s Secret, Good Intentions tells the story of Brian’s relationship with a young woman named Cassie. Unfortunately for me, the cover synopsis is still in production and my simple description does it very little justice. Why not take a shot and order it anyway?

I have received several pre-sale reviews of the book (two five stars and one four star) which were very flattering, but contained little substance. Continue reading Good Intentions is now available for preorder