In the Shadow of Angels

When he finds his mistress dead, Devin makes a frantic decision that will ultimately involve his friends, his wife, a sleazy P.I. and even his psychiatrist. He’s left with a single thought, “Hiding a body shouldn’t be so complicated.”

That is the forty word summation of my debut novel In the Shadow of Angels, which has been on sale since March, 2015. There isn’t nearly as much buzz surrounding it as I had hoped there would be, but it has been generally well received.

Reader’s Favorite rated it 5-stars, saying it is, “…written in such ominous prose that readers will not want to leave themselves hanging – it urges you to turn page after page, wondering if these characters will ever make it out of their troubles, and how. said it was, “…fast paced and held the reader’s attention with the dramatic irony and suspense offered by the different characters […] I highly recommend this book to all those looking for a good suspense novel..

While I am pleased with great editorial reviews, what really matters to me is what the readers are saying about it:

“In the Shadow of Angels is a riveting thriller about a bunch of “ordinary” people who suddenly discover what they are capable of. This book has one of the best plots I’ve come across in a long time, and the author has a knack for getting inside the characters’ heads to make the most bizarre events seem logical and realistic. The twist at the end is worthy of Alfred Hitchcock.” – S. McLuggage

“Great book with a lot of plot twists and kept me wondering what will happen next. Highly recommend this to anyone looking for a thrilling and darkly humorous story.” – M. Segovia

“This is quite an entertaining read! … Both the extent of descriptive detail and storyline elevation are similar to novelist Stephen King.” – W. Selman

You can visit the Amazon page to pick up your copy on Kindle, in Paperback or on audio.

If you’ve already read the book and would like to read questions and answers from readers (or if you have your own question to submit), you can visit the Q & A page here.

For more information on the background of the story, including the original, scrapped version of it, check out the Author’s notes page. Be aware that it is spoiler ridden.