Book Review: Magic Times by Harvey Click

Magic Times was a wonderful find on Reader’s Favorite. It doesn’t fit neatly into any genre, but it has elements of humor and fantasy with just a dash of the occult. The following is my official review from Reader’s Favorite:

“Magic Times is the story of a young man named Jason chasing his chubby girlfriend, Holly, from a small town to the big city. Having grown up in a backwater town, Jason soon realizes that, while Holly is Glum Fork pretty, she doesn’t hold a candle to Columbus (below) average. Jason’s journey is rife with unique and colorful characters, some of whom have his best interests at heart, while others may be working dark magic, manipulating him and playing games with his immortal soul – or worse, talking about marriage. The trouble is knowing which is which. Through his interactions with a wonderfully eccentric cast of characters, Jason soon finds that he may have been searching for something else the whole time.

Magic Times merges witty humor with the occult to create a compelling coming of age story. With its over-the-top characters and impossible situations, the story reads almost like a tall tale, yet Jason’s quest is so simple, and his character so grounded, that it still seemed relatable. Who hasn’t wanted to chase after their first love when he/she ran away? The story has a unique mix of tension and cheeky humor that I found impossible to resist. Harvey Click weaves a tale of comedy and tragedy that never takes itself too seriously, but manages to be downright philosophical along the way. More than just a story of unrequited love and one man’s quest to find his chubby girlfriend, Magic Times is a wonderfully written, satiric yarn that begged me to turn the pages. — Reviewed by Donnie J Burgess for Reader’s Favorite”
This book is well worth a read. If you are bored and have a couple of bucks, you should definitely check it out!