In the Shadow of Angels has been on the market for over a year now. It hasn’t been the runaway success that I hoped it would be (yet knew it never would), but I have sold a few copies. Reviews have been trickling in over that time, but I’ve taken them with the figurative grain of salt. Tonight, I took a moment to take a few screenshots to put together in this little statshot post.

amzFirst up are the Amazon reviews. The reviews have been very positive, but also very hard to come by. This perplexes me. When you finish reading the book on your Kindle, it automatically asks you to leave a review on Amazon, but very few do. I’ve sold (actually given away mostly) over 300 copies of it on Kindle, but only landed 9 reviews so far. That seems terribly low, but I’ll take a handful of good reviews over a ton of shitty ones any day. Amazon reviews are like the holy grail for indie authors. There is no single piece of advertising I can do that is more valuable than Amazon reviews Continue reading Statshot

Another free kindle promotion

My KDP Select enrollment for In the Shadow of Angels ends tomorrow. Due to my intense procrastination over the last quarter, I have two free promotion days which will expire if I don’t use them. So… Another free Kindle promotion starts right now! Go grab your copy for free on 5/20-5/21. Who knows how long it may be before I remember to schedule another giveaway?

In the Shadow of Angels Kindle Countdown

In the Shadow of Angels will be on Kindle Countdown promotion starting 1/20/16 at 99¢ and ending back at $2.99 on 1/27/16. I think I set it to go up to $1.99 midway through, but I honestly can’t remember. Better grab your copy before my faulty memory costs you an extra buck!

When he finds his mistress dead, Devin makes a frantic decision that will ultimately involve his friends, his wife, a sleazy P.I. and even his psychiatrist. He’s left with a single thought, “Hiding a body shouldn’t be so complicated.”

I’ve always been quite critical of my own work, but look at what some other people are saying about it:

This mystery thriller is written in such ominous prose that readers will not want to leave themselves hanging – it urges you to turn page after page, wondering if these characters will ever make it out of their troubles, and how. – M Beltran Reader’s Favorite

“The extent of descriptive detail and storyline elevation are similar to novelist Stephen King.” – W. Selman

“A top-notch thriller in the tradition of Patricia Highsmith and Alfred Hitchcock.” – S. McLuggage

(Yes, I know the second name looks super fake, but I assure you that he is a legitimate Amazon reviewer with about twenty book reviews under his belt.) Act fast and you can find out if they are right for just 99¢.

Get Good Intentions on Kindle for 99¢

For a limited time only, grab your copy of Good Intentions on Kindle for 99¢.

While in Portland for business, Brian meets Cassie outside the airport -scared, hurt and alone. He feels compelled to help her -a decision which will test his character, values and morals. He soon finds it’s true what they say about Good Intentions.

It hasn’t yet received many reviews, but Carol, from Reader’s Favorite, says it’s, “A sometimes sad, sometimes scary story…leaving you breathless and captivated until the last moments of the tale. An engrossing read!” Isn’t it worth 99¢ to see if Carol is right?

A failed experiment

Back in June, I uploaded In the Shadow of Angels to Smashwords. When I did so, I wrote a bit about why I made that decision, but it basically came down to two things: 1)Smashwords is much more indie author friendly than Amazon and 2)Smashwords’ interface is significantly easier than Amazon’s when it comes to finding a specific genre of book that is the length and price you are looking for. I still absolutely stand by those two assessments.

Having said that, I have since made the decision to remove my books from Smashwords. Continue reading A failed experiment

Good Intentions is now available for preorder

Good Intentions is now available for preorder on Amazon. Part One of Brian’s Secret, Good Intentions tells the story of Brian’s relationship with a young woman named Cassie. Unfortunately for me, the cover synopsis is still in production and my simple description does it very little justice. Why not take a shot and order it anyway?

I have received several pre-sale reviews of the book (two five stars and one four star) which were very flattering, but contained little substance. Continue reading Good Intentions is now available for preorder

In the Shadow of Angels updates

Currently, In the Shadow of Angels is available on Amazon Kindle for 99¢, available in multiple formats -for free- at Smashwords, and free for the Nook Reader at Barnes & Noble. Don’t have a copy yet? Better get it while it’s free!

The Readers’ Favorite review page is now live and clickable. Currently boasting three ★★★★★ reviews. Stop by and read the reviews, post a comment or write your own review.

Or just stare at Jez until she haunts you into reading:


Smashwords vs Amazon

When I initially published In the Shadow of Angels, I published it through Amazon – mostly because the interface on Createspace guides you directly to the KDP page when you publish the print version. There was also the part of me that liked the familiarity of it being on Amazon; I’d never made a purchase from Smashwords, and assumed that a lot of other people hadn’t as well. Now that my 90 day exclusivity contract for KDP is up, I have published it on Smashwords as well, and I am rethinking the entire Amazon angle. Continue reading Smashwords vs Amazon