Good Intentions is now available for preorder

Good Intentions is now available for preorder on Amazon. Part One of Brian’s Secret, Good Intentions tells the story of Brian’s relationship with a young woman named Cassie. Unfortunately for me, the cover synopsis is still in production and my simple description does it very little justice. Why not take a shot and order it anyway?

I have received several pre-sale reviews of the book (two five stars and one four star) which were very flattering, but contained little substance. One of them says, among other things, “Good Intentions combines a series of twists and turns in a subtle manner. A young man with good intentions helps out a young girl in a difficult situation. As the tale unfolds, you are taken on an interesting and perplexing journey from the suburbs to the slums. Love, lust, greed, betrayal, desperation, addiction and kindness are just some of the twists you will encounter. A sometimes sad, sometimes scary story plays out between the pages, leaving you breathless and captivated until the last moments of the tale. An engrossing read! Makes you wonder about the saying, “No good deed goes unpunished.” Carol Coetzee – Reader’s Favorite.

Which is wonderful and captures the tone quite well. But as an author, I would much prefer some gritty, honest words instead of movie-trailer-esque quotes.

Which leads me to another review. This reviewer has not consented to have his/her name included with their review, and did not include a star rating. What they did include is the most scathing review I have ever read of anything (I really wish I could post it, but it is far too spoiler-heavy). In an 850 word diatribe, taking me to task for how I handled the characters, the only spoiler-free portion included in the review was this gem, “Your story made [my] skin crawl. . . Immediately upon completion, [I] had to go take a shower. If that was your intention, bravo. Mission accomplished. . . You pulled it off. . . You need to rethink that. I’d be willing to bet that virtually all of your readers would agree with me. Take my words carefully. Trust me. . . If I felt what you wanted me to feel, then bravo. If not, it’s back to the drawing board for you, because I guarantee you, I will be far from the only person who agrees with my point of view.

I wish that one was not so spoiler-heavy so I could include the full review. Still, with such a glowing recommendation, how could you not read it?