Books by Donnie J Burgess

“When he finds his mistress dead, Devin makes a frantic decision that will ultimately involve his friends, his wife, a sleazy P.I. and even his psychiatrist. He’s left with a single thought, “Hiding a body shouldn’t be so complicated.”

That is the forty word summation of my debut novel In the Shadow of Angels. Going into a bit more detail, it’s a rather dark story about Devin Bryant and his mistress, local strumpet Jezebel Anders. The story spans about eight hours in the lives of the characters, during which unfortunate circumstances cause Devin to make one horrible decision after another.

The story has been generally well received, earning five star ratings from various review sites and fans alike. More details can be found on the In the Shadow of Angels page or you can read a preview (or buy it directly) from the image link above.

While in Portland for business, Brian meets Cassie outside the airport -scared, hurt and alone. He feels compelled to help her -a decision which will test his character, values and morals. He soon finds it’s true what they say about Good Intentions.

That is my forty word summation of Good Intentions. In a bit more detail, Good Intentions is the story of Brian Palmer and his relationship with ‘Cassie’ – a runaway he met outside an airport. Brian experiences a great deal of inner turmoil during their interactions. He’s trying to do the right thing, but he isn’t quite sure what the right thing is.

Good Intentions is part one of the Brian’s Secret story line. Initially his relationship with Cassie was hinted at but never detailed. I felt that telling this part of the story would give much more weight to some things that happen later. You can read a bit more about it on the Good Intentions page or read a sample (or buy it!) through the image link above.

Through the Eyes of Mister Bearsley is one of my current projects. There is not yet a synopsis up for it. I can tell you that the little girl’s name is Sarah, and the bear’s name is (obviously) Mister Bearsley, but aside from that I don’t want to give away too much of the plot. I’d also like to say that of all the stories I have written, I think this one has far and away the best plot. Unfortunately, writing through the eyes of a five-year-old and a teddy bear is a bit more difficult than I had anticipated. Making it seem logical and believable is a challenge I’m still trying to overcome. I have a short teaser from the story on the Through the Eyes of Mister Bearsley page if you’d like to get a sense of it. I’ll post more details as they become available.