In the Shadow of Angels updates

Currently, In the Shadow of Angels is available on Amazon Kindle for 99¢, available in multiple formats -for free- at Smashwords, and free for the Nook Reader at Barnes & Noble. Don’t have a copy yet? Better get it while it’s free!

The Readers’ Favorite review page is now live and clickable. Currently boasting three ★★★★★ reviews. Stop by and read the reviews, post a comment or write your own review.

Or just stare at Jez until she haunts you into reading:


Book Review: Twin Powers – David Pereda ★★★★★

Twin Powers begins with Stephanie Peters being abducted from the street in Cuba. A furious dictator enlists the aid of a mercenary, the notorious Marcela, to track down those responsible – and save face for Cuba. Marcela recruits Stephanie’s father, doctor and polyglot Raymond Peters, to help in the search. With the aid of a special power shared between Stephanie and her twin sister, Sophia, Marcela and Raymond set out on a frantic, globe-trotting pursuit of a revenge-fueled man known simply as Mohamed. Continue reading Book Review: Twin Powers – David Pereda ★★★★★

Well, isn’t that special … Readers’ Favorite 5 star rating

5star-shiny-webYeah, so, the reviews aren’t yet public, but In the Shadow of Angels has received a 5-star rating from Readers’ Favorite, which qualifies me to display this spiffy emblem in advertising (and they take that shit seriously, click through to see it at full size)… Unfortunately, since their site only publishes the four and five star reviews, pretty much every book on display there is five stars. I’m taking it with the requisite grain of salt. However, it is quite catchy to say A Readers’ Favorite, 5-Star Rated Thriller, which beats my old slogan Here’s some crap I wrote hands down. Once the review and page is set up on their site, I’ll post the links.

Smashwords vs Amazon

When I initially published In the Shadow of Angels, I published it through Amazon – mostly because the interface on Createspace guides you directly to the KDP page when you publish the print version. There was also the part of me that liked the familiarity of it being on Amazon; I’d never made a purchase from Smashwords, and assumed that a lot of other people hadn’t as well. Now that my 90 day exclusivity contract for KDP is up, I have published it on Smashwords as well, and I am rethinking the entire Amazon angle. Continue reading Smashwords vs Amazon