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Interested in having me review a copy of your new book? Fill out the form at the bottom of the page to be considered. Please read and consider all of the points below before submission:

1) This is for self published book reviews only. If your book is published by someone other than you, I will not consider it.

2) Your book must be available in Kindle format on Amazon. I will not accept .mobi, .pdf, .txt, .docx, or any other form of text file. I must be able to download it directly from

3) My stated goal is to help new authors get reviews to help sales. As such, I will only consider reviewing your book if you currently have less than five total reviews on Amazon and you don’t have other published works on Amazon. I will consider a review if you have multiple works on Amazon, but none currently have more than five reviews.

4) I will not consider reviewing a book that is not a complete story. If it is being sold as ‘the first six chapters of [whatever]’, forget about it. I will also not review a book that is a part of a series -not even if it is the first or last book of the series. The book must stand alone and have a complete beginning, middle and end. Characters from other books are okay as long as the other story does not affect, and is not mentioned in, the current work in any way – provided the other books do not disqualify you based on the points above.

5) I will not accept gift copies of your book. Once you suggest a book, I will check it out and consider purchasing it for review. If it seems engaging enough and the formatting is acceptable, I will buy it. I choose to do it this way because…

6) I will post a condensed version of my review on and with the full review on this site. This will be a verified purchase (see point five) and, since I will not accept gifts, there will be no disclaimer about receiving a free copy for review. Having said that, once this process begins, it can’t be stopped. Once my review is live, I will not change it. If I rate your book as one-star overall because of horrible formatting, grammar and missing pages, but you later release an updated version, I will not read/review it again or change my scores.

7) Please read my Indie book reviews page and take a look at samples of other reviews before you consider suggesting your book. I am passionate about what I write, regardless of venue. I take my reviews as seriously as my own fiction. My reviews average 1,200 words and can get very critical about all aspects of your book. The Indie book reviews page breaks down how these issues will affect your overall score, but be aware that I won’t pull any punches.

8) I want to rate your book five stars on Amazon, I really do. Please make it possible for me to do so. If you are publishing it without the aid of any form of editing, please, please take a moment to review what your formatted book looks like. If you have blank pages appearing because of manual page breaks, inconsistent chapter headings, misspelled words (I mean basic things that every text editor would catch like there spelled tehre), some paragraphs indented and some not indented, or other basic formatting issues, you will have already lost at least one star. This is so easy to fix, please do it before submitting. If you have only issues with grammar and punctuation, I will generally note it but not dock points for it. Basic formatting issues will cost you, because anyone can fix them quickly and easily.

Still think you want me to review your book? Please submit the form below. Note that all fields are required. I will try to get back to you whether or not I choose to review your book, but be patient.

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