Perfect Sex

After reading the heady The Rules of Dreaming, I was looking for something a bit lighter to cleanse my palette. I found that book in Perfect Sex by Robin Storey, which I rated five stars on Reader’s Favorite.

While I’m sure this book was written for a very female market, I was intrigued enough by the cover blurb to give it a go and I’m very glad I did. Storey has a way with words and worked some of the best one-liners and turns of phrase I’ve ever seen into this book. My favorite single line is this one from early on: ‘If that profile puts me on a level playing field, then I’m lying at the goalpost with my legs open yelling, “come on fellas, score a goal!”’

Here is my official review for Reader’s Favorite (link to follow):

Susan is no stranger to extremely mediocre sex. In fact, her recently dissolved marriage was practically built on it. She found out how truly amazing sex could be when she met Darius -a muscle-bound hunk from the local gym- who had an amazing body and the sex was explosive, but he lacked every other quality she looked for in a partner. She wants the best of both worlds: passionate sex with a great guy who isn’t afraid to commit. In Perfect Sex, Susan sets out to find that elusive relationship. At the urging of her flamboyant friend, Jules, she signs up for an internet dating service to start the search. Not wanting the time to be wasted, she chronicles her encounters as research for a semi-autobiographical book she is working on. With her girlfriends, Myf and Annie, behind her for commiseration and moral support, she dates an endless string of losers in her quest to find the perfect guy.

Robin Storey has a quick-witted writing style that really shines in Perfect Sex. With clever wordplay and colorful metaphors, Storey brings to life an eclectic, yet relatable, cast of characters -unabashedly smashing through some very taboo subjects along the way. Perfect Sex is a wonderfully lighthearted love story with some of the best turns of phrase I’ve read in years, but Storey’s casual discussion of the use of masturbatory aids and an openly bisexual supporting character also fearlessly challenge social convention. Perfect Sex combines brilliant characters, witty dialogue, and the more delicate subjects in a way that is fun and interesting to read. If you’re looking for a love story and aren’t afraid of one with an edge, Perfect Sex is the book for you!

That just about says it all. This was one of only a handful of books I’ve reviewed for Reader’s Favorite that wasn’t rife with grammatical errors, and as such my notes to the author were very brief. The story was wonderful and I love that she didn’t balk at the idea of discussing the use of vibrators and masturbation. The bisexual best friend was also a nice touch. It may have alienated some more moderate readers, but to me it just added to the flair.