A failed experiment

Back in June, I uploaded In the Shadow of Angels to Smashwords. When I did so, I wrote a bit about why I made that decision, but it basically came down to two things: 1)Smashwords is much more indie author friendly than Amazon and 2)Smashwords’ interface is significantly easier than Amazon’s when it comes to finding a specific genre of book that is the length and price you are looking for. I still absolutely stand by those two assessments.

Having said that, I have since made the decision to remove my books from Smashwords. Continue reading A failed experiment

The Telephone

Against my better judgement, I’ve published The Telephone on Smashwords. I’m not publishing it on Amazon because they don’t allow for free distribution, and this isn’t the type of thing I would be comfortable charging anyone for. It’s a simple story that’s only about 3,300 words. I wrote the story partially for my own amusement, but really it was more about working with my image editing software to see if I could create a compelling cover. Continue reading The Telephone

In the Shadow of Angels updates

Currently, In the Shadow of Angels is available on Amazon Kindle for 99¢, available in multiple formats -for free- at Smashwords, and free for the Nook Reader at Barnes & Noble. Don’t have a copy yet? Better get it while it’s free!

The Readers’ Favorite review page is now live and clickable. Currently boasting three ★★★★★ reviews. Stop by and read the reviews, post a comment or write your own review.

Or just stare at Jez until she haunts you into reading:


Smashwords vs Amazon

When I initially published In the Shadow of Angels, I published it through Amazon – mostly because the interface on Createspace guides you directly to the KDP page when you publish the print version. There was also the part of me that liked the familiarity of it being on Amazon; I’d never made a purchase from Smashwords, and assumed that a lot of other people hadn’t as well. Now that my 90 day exclusivity contract for KDP is up, I have published it on Smashwords as well, and I am rethinking the entire Amazon angle. Continue reading Smashwords vs Amazon