In the Shadow of Angels has been on the market for over a year now. It hasn’t been the runaway success that I hoped it would be (yet knew it never would), but I have sold a few copies. Reviews have been trickling in over that time, but I’ve taken them with the figurative grain of salt. Tonight, I took a moment to take a few screenshots to put together in this little statshot post.

amzFirst up are the Amazon reviews. The reviews have been very positive, but also very hard to come by. This perplexes me. When you finish reading the book on your Kindle, it automatically asks you to leave a review on Amazon, but very few do. I’ve sold (actually given away mostly) over 300 copies of it on Kindle, but only landed 9 reviews so far. That seems terribly low, but I’ll take a handful of good reviews over a ton of shitty ones any day. Amazon reviews are like the holy grail for indie authors. There is no single piece of advertising I can do that is more valuable than Amazon reviews Continue reading Statshot

Bizarre dream

Does anyone out there have a history in analyzing the meaning of dreams? If so, I’m looking for some direction on a particularly bizarre dream.

I’ve had a dream before where I’m back in high school. We will be in the gymnasium (myself and all the students from my high school) and the coach will call a couple of captains. The captains will pick the teams and … surprise! … I get picked last.

I’m fairly certain that the dream mentioned above isn’t unique. At least I hope it isn’t. It is, however, a dream that I had frequently after leaving high school. I haven’t had a dream like that for decades.

Last night I had a dream in the same vein, but with new and interesting twists. It ran thusly:

My wife, myself, my brother-in-law, and my sister-in-law are on a cruise ship Continue reading Bizarre dream

Feedback from S.

Every post I put on my front page (as well as every content page within the site) has a little email button in the corner. That is my direct email address. I also have a contact page to simplify getting a message to me. Still, I get surprisingly few emails (with the exception of penis enlargement ads). I get so few emails from the site that when I do get a message, I tend to go a bit overboard in my reply. Such was the case yesterday.

I received an email from S. yesterday, which I am printing here with her permission (though she did ask that I didn’t use her full name). It read as follows: Continue reading Feedback from S.

Another free kindle promotion

My KDP Select enrollment for In the Shadow of Angels ends tomorrow. Due to my intense procrastination over the last quarter, I have two free promotion days which will expire if I don’t use them. So… Another free Kindle promotion starts right now! Go grab your copy for free on 5/20-5/21. Who knows how long it may be before I remember to schedule another giveaway?